Our Vision

Our Vision

BANGA FLAVOUR & FRAGRANCE (BFF) provides leading manufacturers of food, beverage, confectionery, dairy, and pharmaceuticals products with a large variety of best natural and Synthetic/artificial ingredients to support them to develop, manufacture and supply end products with a clear competitive edge in terms of quality, shelf-life and consumer preference.

With more than 50 years of expertise and experience in the Bangladeshi market, we have extensive knowledge of the needs, requirements and expectations of local customers and end consumers. Our modern and well-equipped Application Lab can advise, develop and assist our clients to develop new delicious flavours, the most desirable fragrances and can support them in the assurance of highest flavour performance and consistent product stability within the scope of their own food production technologies and processes.

To serve society and people, we continue to promote and to encourage our customers to develop and deliver healthy, enjoyable and delicious high-quality products to the end consumers. At the same time, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with superior products and ingredients solutions and by bringing them closer to our international supply chain.

Today, BFF stands as one of the largest and most popular private companies in the local Flavours & Fragrances industry. The name of our company and brand stands for our commitment to combine our extensive experience and expertise with highest standards and innovation. Through quality and value leadership, delivery of high-quality products and building of superior ingredients solutions, professional expertise, superior service and the use of state-of-the-art technology and materials, we maintain and enhance brand awareness and market share in the Bangladeshi market and beyond. Our long-term relationships with clients, employees and suppliers are built on shared values, objectives and success in everything we do. Generating fast returns on investment, we increase shareholder value through profitable growth and product, service and process excellence.

Our team is the most important asset that we have to serve our customers. We provide our employees with a challenging, safe and rewarding work environment that helps them to further develop their knowledge and skills. At the same time, we provide them with ample space for development in their professional and personal career. All our employees are well-trained, sincere, responsible and highly motivated. They are proud and excited to be part of our team.